Learn the essentials of oil painting and create your very own seascapes that are rich in detail!

Dive deep with this step by step approach to painting with oils, from the materials the pros use to the SECRETS that create realistic paintings!

Looking to progress as a realistic oil painter?

Love the idea of painting seascapes?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

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The Artist
Oil Painting Pros

Hi – My name is    and I have been a professional artist for over 13 years!

I have created hundreds of paintings, have sold my work to public and private collections all over the world and am the honored recipient of numerous awards and bursaries.

This success is something that, years ago, I never imagined could happen for me. I strived for years to perfect my painting practice. After more than a decade of dedication and a lot of trial and error I saw results… my WORK became the REAL reward – and it attracted the success!

I am FULLY committed to sharing BEAUTY with the world through my art and I want to help you do the same, in your OWN UNIQUE way!

In this masterclass I share the knowledge I have gained over these 13 plus years of honing my skills as a painter in order to help YOU radically improve YOUR realistic oil painting techniques when painting seascapes and more.

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate, this course can unlock your GREATEST painting skills and save you a lot of time and frustration!

You’ll learn the materials that the PROS use, and how to execute painting REALISTIC SEASCAPES that you will be proud of.

Let me be your guide and walk you through my entire process from START to FINISH as I create not one, not two, but as a BONUS, THREE hyperrealistic seascapes!

(My painting, hanging in a client’s home in Newport Beach, California)

Learn the ESSENTIALS of oil painting

I first share the ESSENTIALS of oil painting: the painting surfaces I use and how to prepare them, my favorite paint brushes, paints and mediums, the ideal studio lighting and easels, my photo references, along with tips and tricks for those perfect compositions and more.

With a solid foundation into the essentials of oil painting, I then show you step by step how I execute THREE hyperrealistic seascapes from the VERY FIRST brushstrokes up to the VERY LAST details, including the final stage of VARNISHING.

Tutorial #1 - Dark Blue Waters
Tutorial #2 - Bright Blue Waters

I am here to help you on YOUR artistic journey. With this knowledge and the techniques in this course, you will not just create a couple of paintings; you will be able to create your own paintings for YEARS TO COME! Feel free to modify the process to fit YOUR UNIQUE painting style.

Tutorial #3 - Seascape with clouds

I know you will be so excited to share the artwork you create with family and friends.

Whether you use one of the 20 source images provided in the course or a personal image that you have snapped along the way, you can take pride in what you have accomplished.

And don’t be shy, you can also ask friends if they have a water scene from a vacation that they would like to share with you. You never know – you could be creating your first SALE!

Here’s everything you will learn, module per module:



WELCOME (6:07)

  • Introduction and a bit about me, your instructor (who I am and how I became an artist)
  • My hopes for you and getting clear on why you’re here
  • Accessing the private Facebook group and other social media groups




  • The ideal lighting for your studio space
  • Proper lighting for correct painting values and photographing your work



EASELS (3:18)

  • The easels I have in my studio
  • A top quality easel on the market vs. more economical easels
  • Large & small easels



BRUSHES (13:27)

  • The brushes I use for oil painting 
  • Economical brushes and more expensive brushes
  • Brushes for gessoing, backwashes and varnishing
  • The different kinds of brushes and their uses



Brush Care & Cleaning (6:02)

  • How to clean and care for your brushes
  • Popular products the pros use
  • A tutorial on how I clean my brushes
  • How you can save some money by reusing this one specific product




  • The three painting surfaces many artists prefer to use & their important qualities
  • A little bit of Art History
  • Tutorials on how to prepare and prime all three of these painting surfaces
  • How to achieve that smooth, luxurious look to your paintings 



Oil Paint - Qualities & Recommended Brands/Colors (12:46)

  • The blending qualities of oil paint
  • A trick to keep the paint on your pallete dust free and moist
  • My favourite paint brands and other recommended brands that many pros use
  • How to store your oil paints and how to keep them from drying out
  • Qualities to look for in an oil paint
  • Some of my favourite colors I often use when painting seascapes



MEDIUMS (6:06)

  • Discussing some different types of mediums and their effects
  • Magical medium that helps speed oil paint’s drying time
  • A medium that lengthens drying time
  • Mediums with a glossier finish
  • How much medium to use with your paint
  • Oiling out with mediums
  • How to use mediums to restore the saturation of colors



Taking Photos in Hawaii - Composition & Scale (10:27)

  • Journey with me to Hawaii in this video as I take source photography on the island of Maui
  • What to look for when photographing your source imagery
  • Includes 10 raw source images + 10 cropped images as inspiration for your future paintings
  • Tips on composition & scale


Dark Blue Waters (1:05:39)

  • The materials you will need
  • Demonstration from start to finish
  • Tips and tricks to help you paint your own seascape painting
  • Source reference image included




  • The medium/varnish that achieves that luxurious, glowy finish
  • Example of how to apply this medium as a varnish
  • A couple other suggesed varnishes


Bright Blue Waters (1:08:54)

  • The materials you will need
  • Demonstration from start to finish
  • Tips and tricks to help you paint your own seascape painting
  • Source reference image included



  • The materials you will need
  • Demonstration from start to finish
  • Tips and tricks to help you paint your own seascape & clouds painting
  • Source image not included




  • Congratulations and thank you
  • Where to go from here
  • Your feedback

Some Important Details:

On this painting journey I will share NEW DISCOVERIES and new ideas with you because I am always learning too and I want to keep you up-dated with the LATEST painting trends. If I add any new modules YOU will be the FIRST to see them at no extra cost.

When you sign up you will be invited to join our PRIVATE community of OIL PAINTING PROS on Facebook, where you can share and learn NOT JUST from me but from OTHERS who have taken the course and are developing and sharing their own painting techniques.

You will have accessibility to this course for a LIFETIME and can replay the modules as many times as you’d like! Knowing this you can learn at YOUR OWN PACE and not feel rushed.

I believe we are ALL ARTISTS, it just takes is a little inspiration and knowledge to create the momentum and confidence you need to SUCCEED.

You can use this course to advance your skills and career and one day you may decide to create EPIC large-scale paintings like this one:

(Standing with “The Breath of Life”, a diptych painting that took one year to complete!)

At the end of this course you will have the tools to become CONFIDENTLY PROFICIENT when painting REALISTIC WATER SCENES as well as other subject matter!

If for any reason you decide to return the course within 7 days of purchase, you will receive all of your money back. No questions asked.

With this course you will become someone who:

  • Knows where to begin and has the confidence to start!
  • Has the knowledge and tools to create beautiful, rich, realistic seascapes and more.
  • Learns the patience to create their best work!
  • Creates the kind of work that attracts collectors and galleries!
  • Is connected to top artists.
  • Has a community to support your creativity.
  • Masters the confidence and momentum to continue on the artist’s path.

This course is for you if:

  • You don’t know where to start or what materials to use.
  • You are excited about making realistic seascapes you will be proud of.
  • You find painting water challenging and want to get better.
  • You want to learn at your own pace (student, stay at home parent, full time job etc.).
  • You have experimented with painting water but it doesn’t look realistic.
  • You have been painting seascapes for sometime but you want to learn a different method.
  • You are a fresh beginner or intermediate painter looking for insider secrets.
  • You want to be part of a community that you can learn from.
  • You crave creativity & growth and want to invest in yourself as an artist.

This is NOT for you if…

  • You want to make fast art.
  • You are not interested in painting seascapes/water.
  • You do not want to paint with more of a realistic approach.
  • You lack the patience and are not committed to the process.
  • You want to create easy work that is scarce in detail and thought.
  • You are not prepared to feel a bit uncomfortable at times when improving your work.
  • You are looking for marketing advice and a promise that your artwork will sell – I can’t promise that.
  • You’re not interested in art at all.


This course is specifically designed to be obtainable for anyone, no matter your age or experience level. I understand that beginning anything can be intimidating or challenging and it takes great courage to do so — this course is designed to guide you through the process without stress. You’ll see there is no reason to be intimidated when breaking down the easy-to-follow steps of the curriculum.

Also, you will have the support of the private Oil Painting Pros community on Facebook!

No, this course is valued at $399 and will likely increase in the future. I’ve decided to price this course at a sale price of $225 because I simply want you to be able to afford it now without the risk of paying a lot more $ later! Another reason for the discount: This course is still fairly new so I want to receive your comments, feedback, and also see your results… so I’ve made this investment as low as possible. All I ask is that you please e-mail me at the end of the course to share your story ([email protected]). 

Not only do you receive the $174 discount, you also get a 7-day money back guarantee. So you can try this course risk-free and enjoy the great discount if you decide to keep the course. 

Upon purchasing the course you will be asked to enter your name and create a password. A purchase confirmation e-mail will be sent to your inbox and you will then be able to log in and view the course. Log in from the homepage: www.oilpaintingpros.com/login/.

YES, the course will be available to you for a lifetime. You can access it and replay the modules as many times as you’d like and work at your own pace.

Practice is a key element to getting better at anything. If you follow the steps provided in this course and commit yourself to your painting with patience then this course WILL help you — not only with the tutorials provided but for years to come when painting your own seascapes. I am also providing you with 7-days risk free (from the time of purchase) to try it and see if it works for you. If in this time you decide the course is not for you (even if you just can’t find the time to paint), I will send you a 100% fast & friendly refund.

You don’t need to decide now, you can take the $174 discount and try it and see if it is for you. I’m certain this will help you grow as an artist!

The course is currently only available in English and there are no subtitles at this time.

You will have lifetime access to the course.

I will not be available to schedule one-on-one critiques with you. However on our private Oil Painting Pros Facebook page you can share your work and I will often be viewing and commenting on your progress where you can also get feedback and ask questions to the other students in the course.

I show you my whole process from start to finish! Of course I’ve had to compact the process for you but rest assured I have recorded every single stage of the painting process and you get to view it all. These paintings required several hours of work; I’ve highlighted the important techniques that will help you on your own painting journey.

Yes, I am often showing my palette and discussing the exact colors I am using and their quantities along with the exact brushes I’m using and why I’m using them.

The bonus #3 tutorial will become available sometime in 2022 (UPDATE: TUTORIAL #3 HAS NOW LAUNCHED AND IS AVAILABLE IN THE COURSE). I hope to add more to the course over the next several years in order to keep you updated (with new techniques or discoveries) that will help to better your experience and knowledge when painting realistic seascapes. 

Yes, you can paint along with me as I have provided you with the source images for ALL 3 Tutorials. I also recommend using these tutorials as a guide for other paintings. You may use the 20 bonus source images I’ve provided you with in the course or you may like to use one of your own photographs as a reference. This course is here to help you become your own artist; with my initial guidance and your commitment, I trust you will excel far beyond this course! 

Absolutely! That’s why I created this course – to show you how I achieve a realistic seascape painting with all it’s details. In this course I often show you a zoomed in view of my painting process and exactly how I’m achieving the finer details. This course will give you knowledge that extends past painting seascapes and will give you more confidence when painting anything realistic at all.

What some students are already saying:

More about your instructor


Carina Francioso is an internationally recognized, award winning Canadian fine artist with works held in private and corporate collections around the globe. Her meticulous attention to detail is clearly demonstrated through her contemporary realist oil paintings.

Inspired by the calm or turbulent, incessantly changing waters of the world, Carina’s current work expresses the beauty, power and fragility of these precious waters. Through the creamy, rich textures of oil paint she endeavours to acknowledge that this natural resource must be cherished and preserved. Inspired by Carina’s life and travels, her paintings capture moments frozen in time yet inspire the movement of imagination, offering the viewer their own interpretation. Carina’s work continues to evolve and her intimate journey with every brush stroke and detail remains constant. Her work is a direct reflection of her passion for life and her constant inquiry into beauty and fluidity.

Carina is the recipient of the 2019 Arcadia Contemporary Gallery Award, the Bernice Adams Memorial Visual Arts Award and Bursary, among several others. She was recently featured on RAI Italia television and her work has been featured in various magazines such as American Art Collector, GRAND Magazine, Art Renewal Center’s International Realism Salon Catalog, Hyperrealism Magazine and Panoram Italia.

“The coastline is a place so many of us call our home away from home. I personally have spent my whole life near the water; boating with family on Georgian Bay, living seaside at our home in South Italy and my constant travels to the shores of California, Hawaii and beyond.”


Are you ready to start painting your
very own seascapes like a pro?